The Good Practice Charter

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

News from the Good Practice Charter Working Group

The Good Practice Charter working group meet monthy to assess applications to the Charter and discuss the wider actions of the working group.  The group is recruiting new members, particularly from the South West and Midlands regions, and want diverse representation from all our members. Current members of the include group:

North West: Sophie Gibson, Anthony Padgett , Ekua Bayunu and Ross Dalziel

North East: Theresa Easton

London and South East Joel Levack & Johanna Melvin

Yorkshire and Humber: Paul Collinson

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Yorkshire & Humber Visual Arts Network (YVAN)

Following a meeting in June between Artists’ Union England and Yorkshire & Humber Visual Arts Network  (YVAN )to discuss ways  YVAN could use the AUE Good Practice Charter (GPC) Paul Collinson was invited to join the Equality and Diversity Working Group of YVAN. This means that both YVAN are now championing the AUE rates of pay guidelines for the visual arts sector in the Yorkshire & Humber region and that both organisations will be promoting the principles of the GPC to artists and arts organisations in the region.

YVAN is a support network for individual artists and arts organisations in the Yorkshire & Humber region. It is one of the nine regions that make up the national Contemporary Visual Arts Network. YVAN and AUE members recently took part in the national #ArtIsEssential campaign to understand the long-term effects of the pandemic on our lives, and the impact of Brexit on how we live and work, to unite the arts sector and be visible throughout 2021 in the run-up to the Government Comprehensive Spending Review to demonstrate that #ArtIsEssential.

YVAN is made up of visual arts professionals, individual artists and makers, studios, collectives, Higher and Further Education departments and professionals, visual arts organisations and artist networks to be a voice and advocate for the visual arts sector in Yorkshire & Humber.

Check out the latest survey from CVAN on the impact of the pandemic on artists livelihoods here.

Deadline 31st August 2021


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