Museums & Galleries Tax Relief

Museums & Galleries Tax Relief, as system open up to abuse?

AUE contacted HMRC when consultation was solicited regarding the Museums and Galleries Tax Relief. The Relief gained royal assent earlier in December 2017 meaning that museums and galleries can now makes claims retroactively from 1 April 2017.  You can read more here

Only 4 individuals from around the country submitted comments and questions during the consultation period. Over 80 institutions responded. Why does this matter, that the voice of the individual artist was not heard? Because one of the criteria for relief will be that displays by museums and galleries must be ‘excellent’.

These ‘excellent’ exhibitions are to be chosen by Directors. There was no other information given as to whom these people are and what their criteria will be to determine what constitutes an ‘excellent’ display. We must be vigilant to ensure we are not shut out of opportunities to exhibit, and that the system does not open up to abuse. Read comments and the government’s responses here.