Tax breaks for Museums & Galleries

Government Consultation on proposed tax breaks for Museums & Galleries.

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Deadline 28 October

“The government is consulting on proposals for its Museums and Galleries Tax Relief plan. This tax break will give relief for exhibitions of high quality in all parts of the country. “

AUE members are encouraged to take part in a government consultation. How would this new tax break affect you?

HM Treasury has published a paper on 5 September 2016 asking for views and comments on the Museums and Galleries Tax Relief plan for the sector. From the Treasury website:

“Budget 2016 announced that the government would introduce a new tax relief for museums and galleries from April 2017, following a consultation over summer 2016. Britain is home to a diverse range of museums and galleries and this tax relief will support them to develop creative new exhibitions and to display their collections to a wider audience.

This new tax relief, available on qualifying costs of both temporary and touring exhibitions, recognises the artistic importance and cultural value of museums and galleries in the United Kingdom. The tax relief will be available across the country. Its objective is to encourage the creation of more and higher quality exhibitions, as well as to support touring of the best exhibitions across the country and abroad, raising the UK’s profile internationally.”

You can read the specific details here. The deadline for consultation is 28 October 2016.

If you decide to send in your views to HM Treasury, please

· Put Tax Credit Consultation in your email subject line, and


As you consider your response, you may find it helpful to reflect on the following questions:

• Do you live/work near a publicly funded gallery or museum?
• Do you have any reservations regarding the proposed tax breaks?
• Do you think there will be any reciprocal value (more opportunities, etc.) for local artists as a result?
• Do you think there is a need for a wider public debate regarding this?
• Do you think that the galleries and museums near you can do more to select and promote local artists?
• Can you highlight one example of good practice by a publicly funded gallery or museum near you? Can you highlight one bad example?
• Do you think you have been excluded from opportunities to exhibit there? What can be done to improve that?
• Are opportunities widely publicised? Are criteria for selection transparent?
• Is your local publicly funded gallery or museum open and transparent about from where they derive their funding? What can be done to improve this?
• If your local gallery or museum derives funding from a variety of sources, including public funding, do you believe that the benefit of public funding ‘trickles down’ to you? If so, in what way?

Thanks for taking the time!