Members launch a Good Practice Charter for Artists

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

The Good Practice Charter for Artists - finally launched!

18 members took part in the launch 24th September 2020 and was  chaired by Sophie Gibson.  Beth Farhat Northern Regional TUC Secretary spoke at the launch noting the progress AUE had made in the last 6 years. Beth introduced the workings of the TUC, “it’s about engaging with the broader trade union movement with your campaigns and causes, it’s about collectivism”.  Beth described the charter as “ your standards, your values, your worth, …it  is really, really important”

“Once its complete, it’s what we do with it next, because we are only as strong as our activist, we are only as strong as our negotiating ability”.

Northern Regional Organiser with AUE Theresa Easton referred to the GPC as a set of six principles organisations can sign up to in order to improve the lives of artists. Theresa explained the origins of the GPC, the working document  group had arrived at and how members can take ownership of the document.


Members discussed the document in breakout rooms in zoom

Feedback included:

  • Making contact with Local Government Associations to discuss adopting GPC
  • Making contact other trade unions working in the culture sector to discuss in relation to the wider ecology of the sector.
  • AUE members host zoom meetings to discuss GPC, particularly with younger and inexperienced artists.
  • Include in the charter climate change or carbon footprint of arts institutions or commissioning organisations
  • Suggestion to use the GPC alongside Rates of Pay & members using GPC.
  • AUE members suggest arts organisations to contact to discuss GPC.

Complete minutes can be found HERE

Next Steps:

The working group have consulted a number of arts organisations and received positive responses and useful suggestions.

Most organisations want to sign up and some organisations want to meet with other organisations who have signed up to the GPC to share good practice.

AUE members can use the GPC alongside the Rates of Pay Guidance  in assessing opportunities and organisations to work with.

29th October 18.30-20.00 2020 a public launch is planned for organisations and artists to attend and find out more about  the GPC. Details to follow soon!


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