Arts organisations signing up to the Good Practice Charter for Artists

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

The latest sign ups to the Good Practice Charter include Crescent Arts based in Scarborough and Helix Arts  based in North Tyneside.

Founded in 1979 by and for visual artists in Scarborough, to provide studios, production facilities, exhibition space and professional development opportunities, Crescent Arts “pay the living wage and aim to make sure [our] artist pay is in line with recommended levels of the Artist’ Union England and have adopted their Good Practice Charter for Artists.

Practicing artists make up 50% of their management committee and their partnership with Scarborough Museums Trust (SMT) have jointly adopted an artistic policy that commits to applying Artists' Union England guidance on rates of pay for artists.


GPC working group member Joel Levack states “Mental Wellbeing is a long-neglected topic in the workspace and whilst it's become somewhat fashionable of late it feels it's written into the GPC with purpose.”  Crescent Arts close work with Cross Lane Hospital includes training for Crescent Arts staff and SMT employees, and support for the artists via additional time with an access focused specialist and counsellor.


Helix Arts founded in 1983 and based in North Shields, “believe participation in creative activity is fundamental to the wellbeing of individuals and communities and therefore should be accessible to all. We increase equality of opportunity for people to take part in the arts and our focus is on those who currently have the least opportunities.”  Helix Arts are committed to equitable and inclusive recruitment and recognise AUE Rates of Pay.  On Valuing and Rewarding Artists, GPC working group member Paul Collinson states, “most artists do what they do for the love of the creative process and the societal outcomes. Yet this must not be an exploitable commodity or resource. It is a finite resource and must be recognised as such by proper pay and fair terms and conditions. Artists have invested their own time and finance in training and achieving a professional status.” 


Find out more about the GPC and how to sign up here.


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