Good Practice Charter

Updated: Feb 25, 2022


The Good Practice Charter for Artists is a set of principles that cover freelance artists' working conditions.  The principles include H&S, valuing and rewarding artists, workers collective voice, equality & diversity, social responsibility and mental health. Read more HERE.

The Charter sets out minimum terms and conditions for artists working in the sector.  Arts and cultural organisations are encouraged to sign up to the charter and work towards meeting these principles.

Why do we need a Charter? The GPC places protections at work and good practice in one place within one frame work.  The Law provides minimum protection for freelance workers around Health & Safety and the Equalities Act 2010.  The GPC expands these standards.  We want organisations to work towards and meet these standards in order to tackle inequality and exploitation.


The GPC working group is made up of AUE members Paul Collinson (Hull), Ekua Bayunu (Manchester), Sophie Gibson (Burnley), Anthony Padgett (Preston) and Theresa Easton (Newcastle).

It is no surprise that these members are based in the North.  AUE Northern Organiser Theresa Easton took part in the TUC’s Organising Academy in 2019 and produced a research document exploring the idea of a charter that would create a level of regulation in the arts sector.

Previous and subsequent feedback from AUE members at local meetings requested better monitoring of arts and cultural organisations work practice.

The working group have organised consultation sessions with organisations and individual members in order to shape the charter. Just like AUE Rates of Pay document which was born out of one of the first AUE working groups, the GPC is a working document.

If you are interested in joining the working group - email for dates of the next meeting.


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