Heart Unions Week 2019

Get set for the 11-17 February 2019 – Heart Unions week is back!

Union members from across the UK are taking part in the TUC’s fourth annual Heart Unions week from the 11 to 17 February, celebrating all that is great about trade unions. This is the chance for AUE to celebrate successes and stories from members up and down the country.


Newcastle, 12th February 17.30 -19.00 Northern TUC.

AUE wants your stories to inspire a new generation of artists to join our growing trade union.

2019 was  voted the Year of Young Workers at the TUC’s 150th Congress in Manchester last year. Let’s help the next generation of artists!

Your union needs you to get involved and start spreading the word.

What’s your story?

Email theresa@artistsunionengland.org.uk  Tweet @theresaeaston