GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR NORTH WEST ARTISTS interested in making European links.

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Funded trip to the European Parliament to meet European Arts Organisations.

 1st - 2nd  Oct 2019

To be eligible you will need to join AUE before the trip - details HERE.

You will also need to be a NW based constituents who is resident in the NW or have an address there. Please email Anthony Padgett on to express interest.


Julie Ward who is  Vice President of Culture and Education Committee of the European Parliament and has kindly offered to be the host.

1. The visit will be in conjunction with other organisations to make one large Group Visit of about 15 to 30 people.

2. Funding arrangements - each individual is allocated a set amount based on distance traveled from Manchester to Brussels and to cover all travel and accommodation for one night with some left over for food etc. As this is a set amount any costs that go over (expensive hotels etc.) are not reimbursable.

3. ​Artists will need to have their own travel insurance. This is not a working visit so you would be coming as constituents/guests of the MEP who we will be able to connect you with other relevant artists groups and people of interest.

4. ​The Group will receive a lecture and tour of the European Parliament and a session in the Visitors Centre to give an overview of the work going on, as well as have the opportunity to speak with Julie and Theresa (your NW Labour MEP's) in more detail on relevant subjects. Additionally we would like to connect you and the arts collective up with the Trade Union Intergroup and possibly the Creative Industries Intergroup in the European Parliament.

5. If you have additional things you want to do in the evening you can arrange to do those in your own time outside of the European Parliament (eg visit an arts org or centre).

6. We are looking for between 10 and 20 members of the AUE to form part of a group of upto 30 delegates.

The trip is being organised with:
Trevor MacFarlane, FRSA
Head of Office
European Parliament
Office of Julie Ward MEP
The Labour Party (S&D)

and with
Anthony Padgett MA
Artist Union England (Lancashire)
0790 2342448

with the help of
Theresa Easton
Artist Union England


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