AUE support the Solidarity Fund with ART SALE!

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Help support the AUE Solidarity Fund and donate 25% of the sale cost of a piece of artwork.

From Friday 6th November throughout November, and until 18th December 2020, we will be encouraging AUE members to donate to a fundraising ART SALE.

AUE Solidarity Fund Trustees Theresa Easton, and Jo Howell will be donating the full cost of several works each; and AUE member Graham Moss has generously donated prints to get us started.

You can get involved in the fundraiser by using #AUEsolidarityFund and by tagging us in the description of the artwork you wish to sell on social media. This will let us know that you are taking part in our fundraising effort, and will allow us to share your contribution. We will use the Solidarity Fund, Artists’ Union England, and the Trustees social media networks to share artworks that are for sale.

This is entirely voluntary, and you are responsible for your own sales, but we will amplify each other's voices to reach more people.

More details on how to support the ART SALE fundraiser HERE.

You can donate to the fund HERE.

Singing the Alphabet
Incline Press
30.5x17.5 cm

For sales contact

In January 2021, we will be seeking other members to collaborate with in future fundraising campaigns. If you would like to be involved email us the following details:

Your name, how long you have been a member of the union, a brief description of your practice, and a short statement about why solidarity is important.


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