AUE Member Mary Fletcher receives compensation payment for damaged art work

“The gallery returned  my artwork damaged and did not offer compensation……can you advise me what to do next and if you can do anything on my behalf?”

Mary had a loan agreement with the gallery, which clearly stated ‘the loans will be covered by the university’s insurance policy’.  This did not stop the university from trying to avoid taking responsibility. Artists should not have to put up with this treatment which is exactly why we have a trade union.  AUE acted on Mary’s behalf and secured payment. Strength in numbers!

Artists need to protect themselves and work together.  This is what you can do:

  • Join AUE – BEFORE there is a problem. Send this link to artist’s friends and encourage them to join!
  • Exhibiting or taking on a commission? Make sure you have the correct paperwork in place – write your own contract or agreement – get everything in writing.  For more advice, check out Morrish Solicitors HERE

Email if you have a problem.  Enquiries are dealt with CONFIDENTIALLY