5 Years of AUE in a Zine!

Marking 5 years of Artists’ Union England, members and supporters including Durham zine Group, have contributed to a DIY zine.  It’s a handmade, photocopied pamphlet offering a creative response to why all workers should be in a trade union.   Personal reflections provide a commentary on the working conditions artists face and offer collective solutions to unfair practices.

“Artists’ Union England has arrived at a critical time for the future of artists in our society….unionising is giving us a chance to add our voice to the voice of other workers in other sectors” Stevie Ronnie

“It’s hard and lonely sometimes working so precariously, but it’s very good to know that the support is there as and when I need it via my union” Bethan Maddocks

The stories, comments and snippets are a force of strength against the challenges faced by artists in these uncertain times.

“Finding the artists union was a huge turning point – an organisation that realises the importance of bridging those gaps in the myriad of jobs so many of us find ourselves doing as artists and offering the relevant support and points of contact” Cherry Styles

“Artists’ Union England – Better in than out” Michael Blundred

If you want help in convincing artists why they need to be in a trade union, give them a copy of the zine to read.  Made by artists, for artists.

Order your copy now – £3 or £5 Solidarity price P&P.
Email theresa@artistsunionengland.org.uk
Pay via paypal / BACS or cheque.

All proceeds go towards growing the union.Special thanks goes to the trade unions offering FREE photocopying facilities – you know who you are!

And extra special thanks the contributors:
Durham Zine Group, Anthony Padgett, Jane Helling, Bethan Maddocks, Teri Anderson, Cherry Styles, Michael Blundred, Thomas Eastland, Louise Bradley, Pam Foley, Jill Eastland, Stevie Ronnie, Jo Howell, Theresa Poulton, Pandora Vaughan and Theresa Easton.