We Hybrids at Eastside Projects, Birmingham

Held as part of Re-Action School at Eastside Projects in November 2017, We Hybrids is informed by the work of Artists’ Union England, asking participants to explore the way they position themselves within a larger worker’s movement. More specifically we ask, how can we begin the process of creating better and fairer conditions for ourselves and others? How does one begin to see oneself as a worker and part of labour movement, rather than just as an artist? How can artists collectively become a force towards social change?

We Hybrids is a multi-layered project consisting of collaborative workshops which explore how our collective perception is formed and how it takes control of social memory and communication. It aims to locate participants’ individual and collective agency in a creative, but also very practical and hands on way. The workshops are inspired by the methodology of Augusto Boal’s ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ and radical concepts of political theory (such as ‘radical democracy’ or notions of ‘hybridity’). During the workshops, participants can incorporate their bodies, ideas and physical elements, to collectively construct characters and scenarios, which they can also question and disrupt. In that sense, the workshop sets a possibility for a constantly evolving hybrid space, where those present are invited to challenge the way they view themselves within society and the relationships they form with others.

We Hybrids is devised by Magda Fabianczyk, an AUE member based in London and Ioli Tzanetaki.