Universal Credit: SAU & AUE campaign together & challenge UC!


Download the joint statement between SAU & AUE HERE

Founding AUE member Angela Kennedy explains the background to joint union campaigning activity with Scottish Artists Union on Universal Credit.
As a new and developing trade union we have been listening to our membership’s concerns and as most artists are part of the working poor demographic, we decided to work in partnership alongside our sister trade union Scottish Artists Union, to find a fair response to the new proposed Universal Credit.
Our artist members will be very badly affected. The nature of art work is so precarious that artists do not fit into an easy box in applying the very restrictive, limited and punitive rules the government now want to implement. We believe there is too little flexibility in a highly negative system which presumes artists will always be earning a regular amount and a lack of awareness of how versatile artists have to be to juggle finances and make ends meet regarding project, commission, residency work etc. thereby making ‘monthly’ reporting a practical nightmare. Indeed their proposals are much more restrictive than HMRC guidelines on average hours devoted to business and trading at a loss!
This joint statement we are making today with Scottish Artists Union, outlines our profound concerns and misgivings that artists who are already the working poor, will be left in dire poverty if implemented in the way they propose. We call on this government to listen to this group of core workers in society and instead of punishing them for successfully managing such precarious low paid jobs and careers – find ways to support them instead.

Download the full statement HERE.


Join the campaign:

Download the UC statement HERE and forward to your MP.

Arrange a meeting face to face.

Ask your MP to take the issue to the Department of Work & Pensions.

Join the debate on line #ScrapUC

Is UC effecting you? Let us know and email info@artistsunionengland.org.uk with UC in the subject heading.

a-n (The Artists Information Company) have recently (November 2015) updated their ‘what you need to know’ guide on Universal Credit. Download a copy HERE