Supporting New Campaigns

AUE shows solidarity with campaigns affecting AUE members.

Scrap Universal Credit is a campaign launched by DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts) to force the government to scrap the unworkable welfare reform.  Mounting pressure from trade unions and campaign groups can force the government to withdraw UC.  AUE supports this motion [read more here]

March 1st 2018 will be a national day of action to demand universal credit is scrapped.  The day of action will include a protest in Westminster, with activists meeting outside the visitors’ entrance of the House of Commons.

A DPAC spokesperson said: “No civilised government should impose this on its citizens and no opposition party should want to simply pause and fix it.”

Against Undisclosed Salaries – there is an Open Letter, representing the initiative of Evening Class calling on arts organisations and bodies for a more open and transparent approach to salaries and  job descriptions.  Read more HERE.