Send an email to your professional network about AUE

Below is a template email you can use to encourage artists in your network to join AUE:

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am emailing you to provide you with information about Artists’ Union England (AUE) and to ask that you join up now! If you happen to be a member already you might like to let other friends know about it too – please feel free to forward this email!

Are you an Artist? Do you want collective representation? Do you want the endemic exploitation of artists stopped? Do you want to get fairly paid for the work you do? 

Then join AUE and become a member.

Artists’ Union England achieved its Certificate of Independence as an official Trade Union for artists in June 2016.

AUE represents artists in strategic decision-making negotiations with government and other organisations in order to gain fair pay and better working conditions for all artists. 

Why a trade union for artists?

  • A lack of accountable, democratic, independent representation for artists, and a lack of recognition of their professional status.

What benefits do members get?

  • Public and Products Liability (PPL) up to £5m tailored especially for artists, included with AUE membership fee
  • 30 minutes FREE legal advice from trade union and employment rights specialists, Morrish Solicitors, as well as a range of discounts and benefits for AUE members and their families
  • Access to a shared knowledge base around artists’ issues, including Welfare Benefits, studio rights, Rates of Pay and challenging discrimination.
  • The chance to get involved in the exciting work of a growing trade union for artists, affiliated to the TUC (Trades Union Congress), the umbrella organisation for Trade Unions in England, and the GFTU (General Federation of Trade Unions)
  • FREE training and study opportunities through the TUC and GFTU

Am I eligible?

In order to join Artists’ Union England:

  • You have to be a professional visual, applied or socially engaged artist
  • You have to live and work in England, and for a minimum of 6 months

In addition, you need to meet at least 3 of the membership criteria to show you are a professional artists. Check the full membership criteria online.

Membership of AUE is just £42 per annum. Join AUE now at:

How is AUE run?

The union is run by volunteers from various parts of the country for the benefit of artists, supporting each other with advice on pay, conditions and welfare issues that many – if not all of us – encounter as working artists.  Our main campaign focus is on artists’ pay – including a rates of pay document that we encourage employers to acknowledge – and we support other campaigns with comparable, and joint, interests.

Why should I be part of a union?

Currently there is no democratic body representing artists that can advise or negotiate on behalf of artists with employers and bodies like Arts Council England or the Department for Culture Media and Sport. The art economy is highly distorted, and the majority of artists have been at the receiving end of unfair (or non-existent) pay and exploitative conditions. Through listening to artists, and evidencing the need for a collective voice, we can act together to negotiate recognition with funding bodies, galleries, other employers and policy makers.  Artists’ Union England seeks to actively create a fairer and more sustainable art world.

Fact: unionised workers have better pay and working conditions than those that aren’t unionised.

In joining Artists’ Union England you will be demonstrating your support for a fundamental change in the art world and will be joining a democratic organisation led by artists about how to shape our future.  By joining together, we hope to affect real change for our working lives.

What is the difference between an Artists’ Union and other artist membership organisations?

A trade union is a unique structure that is legally recognised, fully democratic and accountable to the membership. This means we are truly independent from employers of artists and can campaign effectively on issues that are affecting artists, ranging from rates of pay, unpaid opportunities, benefits and funding for the arts.

As a trade union AUE can represent you at work, your interests and negotiate agreements on your behalf, for instance regarding rates of pay and other terms and conditions, in a way that other bodies cannot.  Artists’ Union England seeks to work alongside other arts organisations who are working on behalf of artists.

Join AUE now at:

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