Petition to Halt Mass Deportations

Zita Holbourne, AUE Executive member launches a petition to halt mass deportations

Given the current Windrush debacle and the recent apology by the Government and promises of justice and compensation  to people of the Windrush generation and others who came to the UK from Commonwealth countries threatened with deportation, there should be no mass deportations of anybody from those countries at this time.

Amber Rudd’s resignation must be followed by a complete halt to the mass deportations.

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Both Theresa May and Amber Rudd apologised for the treatment of Windrush generation people in Britain threatened with forced removal. Theresa May said “Those who arrived from the  Caribbean before 1973 and lived here permanently without significant periods of time away in the last 30 years have the right to remain in the UK as no the vast majority of long term residents who arrived later and I don’t want anybody to be in doubt about their right to remain here in the united Kingdom.”

So it is astonishing that the government would then organise a charter flight to Jamaica which could be departing the UK as early as Thursday 3rd of May.

Charter flights are used for mass deportations to a single country. People are detained and removed on such flights  sometimes within 2 weeks,  leaving very little time to get legal support and appeal, seeking a Judicial Review.

We know of two women detained at Yarls Wood who have been booked on the flight and have seen the removal notice of one. One woman has since been taken off the flight and is no longer in detention.

We oppose such mass deportations and until the Government has set out a clear policy on who from Commonwealth countries  are  protected, they should not be authorising charter flights.

We call on the Government to cancel flight PVT070 to Jamaica and any similar charter flights for the purpose of deporting people from the UK to Commonwealth countries.

We further call on the government to address the issue of justice for those who have already been deported to Commonwealth countries to include return to the UK if they wish to, permanent leave to remain in the UK and compensation for their losses to date and the trauma they and their families have experienced.

Further info about charter flights can be found on The Guardian’s website here.