Paid Commission Opportunity for AUE Member

Updated: May 12, 2021

20th  May 2021

Commission Opportunity for AUE Member: T-Shirt Design
for TUC Yorkshire and Humber in partnership with AUE Solidarity Fund.

Artists’ Fee
The TUC will offer the successful artist a day rate of £250 for three days work – totalling £750.

20th May – deadline for expressions of interest
25th May – AUE SF Trustees shortlist 3 artists
1st June – Online interviews - AUE Trustees and TUC with 3 shortlisted artists. Shortlisted artists notified of outcome.
27th July – Successful artist presents work in progress.
16th August – Deadline for final artwork.

Commission aims.

As the economic and public health crises deepen inequalities, the TUC want to strengthen our campaigning work, increase our visibility, and support inter-union solidarity. Through sales of the t- shirt commissioned here we will allow members of the trade union movement to express their shared sense of solidarity.

The TUC has a long history and rich heritage, but we would like to see designs that speak to the future of the trade union movement, expressing the contemporary relevance of trade unionism and a more diverse and inclusive future.

Monies raised by the sales of the t-shirts will support the Y&H TUC campaigning fund and the AUE Solidarity Fund.

Please read the full commission brief: HERE

Application Requirements

This commission opportunity is for Artist Union England members only from any region in England.

Contact details and social media links.

150 Words outlining your interest in the commission.

Minimum of two, maximum of 5 examples of your work.

If you are unable to upload images or text, email your application to

Application: HERE

The commission brief and application form are both available in large print.


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