Letter to Nicholas Serota re. Elisabeth Murdoch and ACE

Artists’ Union England members are concerned over the appointment of Elisabeth Murdoch to Arts Council England’s National Council by ACE Chair, Nicholas Serota. AUE is asking that Murdoch’s appointment be reversed.

Murdoch’s  appointment to the National Council does not represent enrichment of ACE policy and decision making, but is another example of corporate co-option of a publicly funded institution.

Our union is calling on all artists (union members or not), arts organisations, public servants, campaign groups and trade unions to add their names to a petition of protest demanding the removal of Elisabeth Murdoch from the National Council.

Read our letter to Nicholas Serota and sign our petition here

We ask our members, and other individuals, to continue to promote good practice by not allowing intellectually and strategically vital national organisations such as ACE to be tainted by such close connection with corporate conglomerates, but to be served impartially by individuals who will not use it to lobby their privately held interests, directly or by proxy.

Furthermore, Artists’ Union England does not believe the opaque nature of this appointment demonstrates an example of the high standards of open and democratic good practice that we would expect from England’s main public funding body for the arts. If you agree, sign our petition.

AUE’s press release on this campaign can be found here
Read about Artists’ Union England’s aims
Download a PDF copy of our letter here
AUE member Stephen Pritchard has blogged about this issue here

As of 6pm, 3rd February, there were 1737 signatories to our letter:

A Deghen
A Gordon
Aaron Marsden
Aaron Sutter
Abigail Gilmore
Adam Carr
Adrian Antrum
Adrian Knowles
Adrian Sinclair
Adriana Eysler
Adrien Raphoz
Adrienne Thomas the Voice Project
Aidan Jolly
Aiza Cheung
Al Mcnamee
Alan Gibbons Society of Authors
Alan Temple Member of the British public
Alan Wicks Lead singer Static Icon
Alasdair Beckett-King
Alastair Nicholson
Alba Colomo Nottingham Contemporary
Albert Mitchell
Alena Ivanova
Alessandra Ferrini University of the Arts
Alex Anzemberger
alex barrett
Alex Brown
Alex Evans
Alex Frost
Alex Hardcastle
Alex Hetherington
Alex Hyland
Alex Kelly
Alex Khoo Khoo’s Hot Sauce
Alex ressel
Alex Tobin
Alexa Artist
Alexa Phillips
Alexander Young
Alexandra constantine
Alexandra Davenport
Alexandra Lazar
Alexandra Quick
Alice Bradshaw
Alice de bourg Glasgow school of art
Alice Gale-Feeny
Alice Holland
Alice Rekab
Alice Szymankiewicz
Alice Tatton-Brown
Alice Thomson
Alice Thwaite Equal Arts
Alicia Britt
Alicja Rogalska
Alina Hughes
Alina Lupu The Office of Alina Lupu
Alisdair Cameron Chilli Studios (chair)
Alison Bowry
Alison Bray
Alison Card
Alison Fearn
Alison Killing
Alison Lam
Alison Lloyd Artist, PhD researcher and studio holder at Primary, Nottingham
Alison Mott
Alison Smith
Alison wood
Allan Brack Self employed visual artist
Allan Struthers
Almiro Andrade King’s College London
Alys Scott-Hawkins
Amanda Davey
Ambrose Musiyiwa CivicLeicester
Ameenah Allen
Amelia Beavis-Harrison
Amelia Donkor
Amelia Ideh
Amelia Roberts
Amy Akademin Valand
Amy Gwatkin
Amy Lewis Awkward City
Amy Linford
Amy McDonnell European Parliament
Amy Poole
Amy Thompson
Ana Benlloch
Ana Berkenhoff
Anamaria Wills
Anastasia Young
Anderson Dalle Laste
Andie scott Flexitron studios
Andra Catincescu
Andre Luka Zimmerman Fugitive Images
Andrea Phillips
Andrea Salazar Production Manager
Andreas Amble
Andrej Bako
Andrew Alty
Andrew Crookall
Andrew Day University for the Creative Arts
Andrew Deakin Octopus Collective
Andrew HArdwidge
Andrew Harvey
Andrew Harwin Teacher of Art and Design
Andrew Maher
Andrew McNiven artist, curator, academic
Andrew Osborne Royal College of Art, Unite Union
andrew penketh none
Andrew Plummer
Andrew PM Hunt musician
Andrew Temple
Andrew Walby
Andrew Wale
Andriy Chomanicz
Andy Ching
Angela Kennedy Executive Member Artists Union England
Angela Lizon Artist
Angela McKsu
Angela Newmarch Actor
Angela Powell
Angela Rossi Middlesex university
Angie Waller
Ania Bas
Anila Ladwa
Anita Delaney
Anita staff Ffatsatina.com
Anna Atkinson-Dunn
Anna Furse Athletes of the Heart
Anna Glarin Waterloo Community Theatre
Anna Glover
Anna MacDonald
Anna Perrett
Anna Perrett
Anna Perrett
Anna Perrett
Anna Thew Flux (film)
Anna white
Anne Black
Anne-Marie Rickus
Anne-Marie Timoney
Anneke Kampman
annemarie martin
Annette Burghes
Annie Nelson artist Yoke
Annie Suganami artist
Annie Wells
Anthony Briggs Artist
Anthony Cole
Anthony Simpson-Pike
Anthony Webber
Antonio Bertossi
Antonio Roberts
Anya Sanchez
Architectural Workers Architectural Workers
Aris Mousoutzanis University of Brighton
Arlette Monkewitz
Arry Nessa
Arthur Patching Artist
Arturo Lewis University of Manchester Alumni
Ashley Hendrickx-Nutley
Astrid Bernkopf
Atholl Ransome
Atsuko kamura
Auden Brooks
Audra Daws-Knowles
Ava Hunt Ava Hunt Theatre
Ayaan Mohamud
B Olawoye
Barrie Higginson
Barry Han
Barry Russell Freelance musician
Becky Atherton
Becky Burchell Change Festival
Becky Swain
Bel New
Belinda Johnson Forma
Bella Wheeler
Ben Addis Equity
Ben Cornish
Ben Dalton
Ben Gwilliam
Ben Haggarty
Ben Messih
Ben Spratt
Benedict Ayrton State of Grace
Benedict Drew
Benjamin Murphy
Benji Jeffrey Royal College of Art SU
Bernadette cox
Bernie Velvick ArtFull Community Arts Organisation
Bernie Velvick ArtFull Community Arts Organisation
Berry patten Artist
Bertram Simpson
Beth Allen None
Beth Davis-Hofbauer
Beth martin
Beth Munro
Bethan Hughes
Bethan Hughes
Bethany Fox
Bethany Pitts
Betsy Blatchley
Beverley Slade
Billy McCall
Billy myles-berkouwer
Biu Rainey voice of god
Blair Plant
Bob Horne Calder Valley Poetry
Bobby smith
Brandon Christensen
Brian bishop
Brian Hicks
Brian Lewis Longbarrow Press
Brian Mulligan
Brian Willett
bridget cousins
Bridget Fiske
Bridget Lely
bruno matelli
C Meijer
caglar kimyoncu
Cai broom
Caitlin King
Callum Copley
Callum Horridge
Camila T
Camilla Palestra UAL
Candice Jacobs Artist
Cara Tolmie
Carina Westling The Nimbus Group
Carlos cortes Build Your Worlds
Carly Jeffrey none
Carmen Salas
Carol Overrill
Carole Allen Carole Allen Jewellery Ltd
Caroline Clasby
Caroline Gregory
Caroline Lamb Dangerous To Know
Caroline Pitcher Writer
carolyn clark
Carolyn Davy
Carolyn Gelenter
Carolyn McAllister
Carrie Quinlan
Cassie Beadle
Cat Ingrams
catarina cubelo
cate rickards
Cath Ford
Catharine Stott
Catheerine Macintosh MBE RIBA
Catherine Jefferson
Catherine Marshall-Marsden
Catherine Musker
catherine obi
Catherine Palmer Artist
Catherine Smith
Catherine Waddington
Cathrine Phillips
Cathy Terzza Artist
Cathy Turner
Catriona Leahy Artist
Cees van Dam
Ceri Ashe
Chantal Guevara Cloud Dance Festival
Charlene Davies Hangar Arts Trust
Charlene Davies Hangar Arts Trust
Charlene Davies Hangar Arts Trust
Charles Eden
Charles Pankhurst Lecturer rtd. and Writer
Charles Pritchard
Charles Syme UNISON
Charlie Clemoes Failed Architecture
Charlie Hislop
Charlie Murphy Artist and educator
Charlotte Chester thackray medical museum
Charlotte Cullen serf studios
Charlotte Howarth
Charlotte Jordan
Charlotte Karlsen Alexandra Arts
Charlotte Law
Charlotte Mountford
Charlotte Warne Thomas
Chloe Boleti
Chloe Cooper
Chloe Golden
Chloe Owen
Chris Abel
Chris Cann
Chris Guiton Culture Matters C-operative Ltd
Chris Hawtin
Chris Hennessey
Chris lacy
Chris Martin
chris orr
Chris Thomas
Chrissie Tiller Chrissie Tiller Associates
Christian Gamst Miller-Harris Danske Dramatikere
Christian Mooney
ChristIan Newby
Christina Cushing Chaos Magic
Christina Poulton
Christine Angell
Christine Smith
Christopher Fazey
Christopher G. Lawley
Christopher Haydon
Christopher Hutchings
Christopher Jacobs
Christopher john barclay In the white room
Christopher King
Christopher Paris Synaptic-Gap
Ciara Lenihan Freelance artist
Cindy Sissokho
Claire PhD student
Claire B-J Artist
Clara Paillard PcS union \ National Museums Liverpool
Clare Best
Clare Chandler
Clare E Youngs
Clare French
Clare Hackney-Ring
Clare Mitten Artist
Clare Whiting Freelanace Designer
Claudia Terstappen
Cleo Howard
Clinton Scabbage murals
Clive Gibbins
Colette Maxfield UCU
Colin Crawford Private individual
Colin Gaskarth
Colin Smith
Colin Stewart
Connor Brazier
coral jones
Cornelia Prior
Craig David Parr Kuhle Wampe
Cristina Ribas Goldsmiths College
Culture Matters
Damian Cruden
Damian Kerlin
Damien Robinson
Dan Barnard
Dan Daw
dan johnson
Dan McConkey
Dan Melling
Dan Mussett
Dan Watson
Dana Mills
Dani Tagen
Danica maier Nottingham Trent University
Daniel Blandy
Daniel Goodman
Daniel Hillman
Daniel Jarvis Theatres Marketing
Daniel King
Daniel Shannon
Daniel Simpkins UNIT
Daniel Thompson
Daniel York Moon Gate Productions
Danny Birchall Museum worker
Danny Braverman FRSA
Daphne Gilbert
Daphne Politi
Dario Vigorito
Darren Day
Daryl Branch
Dave Burn
Dave Griffiths Manchester School of Art
Dave Smith
dave taylor
David Bell Radar, Loughborough University
David Blackmore
David Cartwright
David Curry N/A
David Ellery
David Harradine
David Jacques
David John Lilly
David Lay Scribblers and Daubers Ltd
David Lisser
David Mabb
David Moorhead
David Napthine Writer
David O’ Donnell Community Music
David Overfield Shaw
David Pregun
David Scoffield
David Smith
David Stothard
David Viner
Dawn Holgate
Dawn Richards Artist
Dean Brierley
Deb Baldwin
Debbie Bandara
Deborah Mason
Deborah Walsh
Deinbofa Ere
Deirdre O’Sullivan Leicester
Deirdre Shanahan self
Delia Whitbread Co-Exist Bristol
Denise Dowdeswell
Denise Humphries
denise ryan
Derek Martin Fribble Theatre
Derek Warriner
Dexter Gonzales
Diana Georgiou CUNTemporary
Diana Howard
Diana Jeater
Diana Lloyd
Diane Allen
Diane Garrison
Dil Green Architect
Dirk Kriete
Dom Kippin
Dom Ramos
Dominic Goetz
Dominique De-Light Creative Future
Donna milligan
Doran Edwards Student at UAL
Dorota Michalska The Courtauld Institute of Art
Dorothy Shakeshaft
Dot Howard
Dr Adam Stanton Keele University
Dr Boast
Dr Ewa Sidorenko University of Greenwich
Dr Harriet Earle Sheffield Hallam University
Dr Harriet Harriss
Dr J.S. Grant mrbs Independent practitioner
Dr Lise Smith
Dr Lynn Turner
dr Marije Michel Lancaster University
Dr Niamh Malone
Dr Nicola Shelton
Dr Paul March-Russell University of Kent
Dr Tony Lyons
Dr Wallace Heim
Dr. Deirdre Daly Goldsmiths College
Dreana Bulmer-Thompson
Dugald Ferguson
Dugald Ferguson
Duncan Mountford
Dylan Calder Pop Up Projects CIC
E Allsop
Ed Garland
Ed Hill
Ed Howat
Ed Owles Postcode Films
Edda Salander-Jones DAD (Dover Arts Development
Edith Zeier-Draxl uniT – culture organisation at KF University of Graz
Edward Thomas
Edwina peacock
Edwina Strobl
Effy Harle Nottingham Contemporary
Eileen burke Doomed Gallery
Eileen O’Brien
Eileen roberts
Elaine Abraham Art teacher
Elaine Drainville
Elaine Kamer
Elaine powell
Eleanor Sikorski
Eleni Liapi Keele University
Elisa Tosoni
Elisabeth Winkler Author and NUJ member
Elizabeth Barry University of Warwick
Elizabeth Bradley
Elizabeth Dening
Elizabeth Graham
Elizabeth Holland
Elizabeth Leedham
Elizabeth Lynch
Elizabeth Tomes
Ellen Loudon
Elliott Burns
Elliott Burns
Elly Clarke
Elyssa Livergant
Emil Kaj Scheffmann Dryburgh Common Study
emilia weber
Emily Crossland
Emily grundy
Emily Hayes
Emily Phelps
Emily Wright
Emma YOYO studio
Emma baker
Emma Broughton
Emma Chan
Emma Gibson
Emma Grier
Emma Hopton
Emma Hunter
Emma Lee
Emma Pannell
Emma Pegram
Emma Withers Asylum Studios, Suffolk
Emma yarsley
Eric Dickinson
Erica Scourti
erin aniker erin aniker limited
Esmé Clutterbuck
Esther McManus
Esther Planas Five Years
Eva Kraljic
Eva Wilson
Evadne Fisher Self employed actress
Evan Lewis
Evan Wilson
Evelyne Simon
Evening Class Evening Class
Evening Class Evening Class
f barker
Farida Makki
fee plumley
Felicity Hoy
Felix Laubscher University of the Arts Berlin
Fern Williams
Fi Simpson Apples and Snakes
Filomena Campus Theatralia
Finn Love
Fiona Bowie
Fiona Dent
Fiona Gibbs LJMU
Fiona Stewart
Fiona Wilkie University of Roehampton
Flora Herberich
Florence Shaw
Florencia Durante
Francesca Hawker
Francesca hyde
Frankie Wunsch
Franko Figueiredo
Fred bungay Artist
Frederick Blackman Arts Technician
Fredrica Greenmantle
Fritha Jenkins
Furtherfield Furtherfield
Gabriel Stones
Gaenor Burchett-Vass
Gail Hendrickx
Gareth Collins
Gareth Evans Whitechapel Gallery
Gary Anderson Liverpool Hope University
Gary Donaldson
Gary Frost
Gaudin Lyne
Gavin Glencorse
Gaynor Lloyd
Gemma Bowker
Geoff Bullen
Geoff Innes
Geoff Trevor
Geoff Winckless
George Baker
George Beastall
George Crowley
George Goldsmith
George Macbeth
George Morris
Georgia Taylor Aguilar
Georgia Young
Georgina No Ordinary Experience
georgina maynard
Georgina Reeves-Saad
Geraldine Fitzgerald Actor
Geraldine Snell Leeds Arts University
Gerard Cooke Actor. Equity member.
gery georgieva
Gillian Marles
Giordano Trischitta
Gisele Bone Artist
Gita Cooper
Giulia Casalini Arts Feminism Queer
Giulio Ammendola
Glen edwards
Glen Monaghan
Glenn sharp
Gordon Roland Peden
Grace Harrison
Graeme K Talboys Author
Graham Festenstein
Graham Langley Trad Arts Team
Graham Parish
Graham Patterson
Grant Atkins
Greg Barnett
Gregory Gudgeon
Greta Hauer
Grit Eckert Scenic Artist
Gwyn Fraser
Gwyn Fraser
H Beckett
H McShane
H Tweed Tribal Art Education
Halima Sidat Art is life. Money should not be.
Hamja Ahsan DIY Cultures
Hanna Slättne
Hannah Connor Artist
Hannah Facey Artist
Hannah Hayhurst Hannahhayhurstjewellery
Hannah Leighton-Boyce
Hannah Stone The Gramophones Theatre Company
Hannah Theodorou
Hannah Thompson
hannah thompson sound artist / audio systems designer
Hardish Virk
Hari Rajaledchumy Artist/Writer
Harold Horwitz
Harriet Roberts
Harry Bell
Harry Bix
Harry Bullivant
Harry Jackson
Harry Murdoch
Harry Staniland Ashburton Arts
Harvey Bassett Self-Employed Actor
Hayley Ashford-Bown
Hayley Clark Group Theatre Company
Hayley Hare
Hayley Harrison
Heather Bird Classical Evolution
Heather Bird Classical Evolution
Heather Connelly
Heather Glenn
Helen Billinghurst
Helen Clarke
Helen Edith Highwater
Helen Johnson
Helen Pailing
Helen Roberts
Helen Smith
Helen Trifourki
Helen Wilson
Helena Cook
Helena Goldwater
Henrietta Armstrong Artist
Henry Coulshed
Henry Sterling
Hester Gallen
Hester Welch
Hilary Beavan
Hilary Robinson
Holly Antrum
Holly Early
Holly gray
Holly loader
Holly Slingsby
Howard J. Booth
Hugh Jones
hugh lang
Hugh Lang
hurst rinehart
Huw Wahl
Huw Williams
Iain Webster Art Teacher
Ian Bell
Ian Bennett
Ian Hodson BFAWU
IAN JACKSON Musician/Artist/Broadcaster/Photographer
Ian Marchant
Ian McCurrach
Ian Read
Ian Stewart
Ian Waites University of Lincoln
Idit Nathan
imi maufe
India Marshall-Roads
Ines Costa
Inga Tillere
Iona Powell
Irene Leonard
Irene Welch
Isaac Blease
Isabella Day Magnus & Bella
Isobel Cecil British Council/ Curious Minds/ Z-Arts
Isobel Laishley
Isobel Taylor
Isobel Whitelegg
Issa Loyaan Farrah
Ivano Darra
izzy wildheart
J French
j page
J Wright Retired
J.A. Harrington
Jack Amblin Musician
Jack Brewin
Jack Cortese University of Leicester
Jack Dryden
Jack Faulkner
Jack Jeans
Jack Kelly Theatre Maker OftheJackel
Jack Lynch
Jack Mackenzie
jack quinn
Jack Scott
Jack Taylor
Jack Wilson & Karanjit Panesar east bristol contemporary
Jacqueline Nicholls
Jade Coles Bompas & Parr
Jake Dillon
Jake Hepplewhite
Jake McDaid
James Brady
James Clegg
James Cross
James Donnelly
James Holcombe no.w.here arts ltd
James Huntsman
James Ivens Equity
James Kneale
James Peacock Keele University
James Rawlinson
James Roadnight
James Shaw
James Torrance
James Walsh
James Weddup
Jamie McCarthy
Jamie Stiby Harris
Jan Radovic
Jana page
Jana Riedel
Jane Calliste
Jane Goodsir
Jane Johnson
Jane Manning
Jane Stoggles
Jane Turner
Jane Withers
Janet Byrne
Janet Curley Cannon
Janet Jefferies
Janet Montefiore UCU
Janet Overfield Shaw National Trust. The Workhouse Southwell
Janie Nicoll Former President, Scottish Artists Union
Janina Cebertowicz Artist
Janna Fox
Jason Carden
Jason furness
Jason Thomson
Jayne Lawless
Jayne Murray Place Prospectors CIC
Jayne Shirtcliffe
Jean McEwan Wur Bradford
Jeannine Wallace
Jeff Munn-Giddings
Jeff Sawyer
Jemima Winder
Jen Southern
Jennet Thomas
Jennifer Byrd
Jennifer Christine Stokes
Jennifer Langton
Jennifer Neil
Jennifer Painter
Jennifer Spencer-Welsh
jennifer warren
Jennjfer Martin
Jenny Drinkwater
Jenny EligoloffSurely
Jenny EligoloffSurely
Jenny Hewson
Jenny Richards
Jerome Turner Artist
JESS Bidmead
Jess Chandler
Jess Moriarty
Jess Thom
Jesse Rivers
Jessica Austin-Burdett
Jessica Bream
Jessica haddock Nhs
Jessica Hodge
Jill Adamson
Jill Eastland Artists Union of England
Jill Heslop
Jill Impey Participate Contemporary Artspace CI
Jim archer Indepedant creative
Jo Collins
Jo Dereza
Jo Dunn Artist
Jo Forshaw
Jo Howell Freelance
Jo Lawlor Teacher of the Arts
Jo Myerscough
Jo Rydel Hancocks
Jo Street
Jo Taylor
Jo Thomas
Jo Verrent
Jo Wilton
joachim chandler Roehampton University Dance Department
Joanna Jones
Joanna Kalinowska
Joanna Smith
Joanna smith
Joanne Hartley
Joanne Milne
Joanne Williams
Joao Maio
Jocelyn McGregor Visual Artist
Jodie Mellor
Jodie Silverman
Joe Banks
Joe Foulsham
Joe Mac Cana
Joe Venable
John Crown Lane (Recording Studio)
John Chamberlain
John Darwell
John Davies
John Denton
John Gillett Equity
John Harris Independent Curator
John Jacobsen
John M Wilson Emeritus Professor, Loughborough University
John O’Shea
John Rowe
John Russell Kingston University
John Surman Actor
John Waters
John Webb
john wickham
Jon Abbott
Jon Davies Deep Hedonia
Jon Davison London Clown School
Jon Goodbun RCA
Jon Gunson
Jonas Berthod
Jonathan Bridgland
Jonathan Eyre An Absent Poet
Jonathan Holloway Independent Theatre and Broadcasting Writer and Director
Jonathan Maris
Jonathan Megaw
Jonathan Pelham Senior Designer, Faber & Faber
Jonathan Polkest Scenography
Jonathan Polkest Scenography
Jonathan Polkest Scenography
Jong Jeng Fong
Joost Hendrickx Independent
Jordan McKenzie
Jorge Barés Domínguez
Joseph Bilton
Joseph Chiari
Joseph Elijah
Joseph Love
Joseph Wallace Animation Alliance UK
Josephine Hepplewhite
Josephine Torrington
Josh Wilson
Joshua Clarke
Josie Adaptive Capacity
Joy Attwood-Harris
Juan Canham
jubeda khatun
Jude Munden Pipeline Theatre
Jude Wright
Judith Harris
Judith Martin
judith rodgers
Judith Stewart Artist
Judy Barrington-Smuts Wet Picnic
Judy Tweddle
Julia Clarke
Julia Muggenburg Private
Julia Roderick
Julia Rogers
Julian Bryant Creatingtheatre.net
Julian Burgesd
Julian Caldwell
Julian Cheyne
Julian Harrow
Julian Sewell
Julie Holmes
Julie Maceanruig
Julie Richardson
Julie Robertson Artist
Julie Shackson
Julie Valentine
Julie Ward MEP European Parliament
Juliet Jacques Suite (212)
Juliet Larken
June McKerrow
Justin Giarraputo Undead Collective Records
Justyna Majek
K Jenkinson
K Wallwork
K. Maradan
Kaajal Modi
Kally Spencer-Townson
karen arthur
Karen Merkel
Karen Poley
Karen Qureshi Practicing Fine Artist
Karen Race
karen rann
Karen Wallis
Karen Welch
Kasia Molga
Kat Behague
Kate Laire
Kate Oakley
Kate Papi
Kate Parker
Kate smith
Kate veysey York theatre royal
Kath Pollard
Katharine Wade
Katherine Beresford Equity
Katherine Hall Interval
Katherine Hughes Potboiler theatre
Katherine MacBride
Kathleen Burke
Kathrin Böhm Myvillages
katie `Leonard
Katie Simpson
Katie tomlinson
Katriona Beales
Kay Temple
Keano Ross
Keely Saunders
Keiron Marshall The Sound Lounge
Keith Florence
Keith Williams
Kelly Preece
Ken Dunlop
Ken Flaherty Doomed Gallery
Ken Grant Armstrong Studio Trust
kerri jefferis
Kerris Casey-St.Pierre
Kevin Cummins
Kevin Humphreys
Kevin Lycett Artist
Kevin Purdy
Kieran Hoare
Kieran McLeod
Kieran O’Malley
Kieran O’Malley
Kieren King
Kim Voisey-Youldon
Kim West
Kinga Oliver
Kinga Oliver
Kinga Oliver
Kinga Oliver
Kinga Oliver
Kinga Oliver
Kinga Oliver
Kirsteen Hardie Syd and Mallory fashion label
Kirsty Dixon
Kirsty Harris
Kirsty Stansfield
Kitty Winter
Klara Kofen
Kori Ce Student at the Ruskin School of Art
Krishna I Artist
Kristine Sommerlade
Lagan purdy
Lam Ly
Lanimae Ball
Lara Cobden Artist
Lara Hooker
Lara Luna Bartley Freelance
Lara Small
Laura Cull University of Surrey
Laura Fellows
Laura Hopwood
Laura Pullig
Laura Sellers
Laura Stanley University of Sheffield
Laura Whiting
Laura Yuile n/a
Lauren Greer
Lauren Healey
Lauren Hendry Independent circus & theatre maker & producer
Lauren Walsh
Lauren Wilson
laurence ferguson
Laurence Owen 1927 Productions
Laurence Veitch
Lawrence Bradby Learning and Engagement Officer, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, University of East Anglia, Norwich
Lawrence Casserley Free-lance Musician
Lawrence Kelly
Lawrence Stewart
Lawrie-Lin Waller
Lea Nielsen
Lee Anderson
Lee Griffths
Lee Harrison
Leigh. Carrick Moore
Leila Galloway Artist
Leo Atkin
Leon Cooper
Leon Trimble
Leonara Manyangadze
Leonie Stephenson
Les Monaghan
Lesley Bishop
Lesley McEwen MA Text & Performance Studies Kings Colleg London / RADA
Lesley tzadeh
Leslie Lawrence AUE, BECTU, Sandberg Instituut
Lewis DNSC
Lewis Heriz
Lewis Jenkins
Lewis Toumazou
Lewys Holt
Ley Holloway
Liam Fleming
Liam McCabe Baltic
Liam Scully Artist
Lib Taylor
Liliana Ghlardi
linda devlin Retired
Linda Ewen Arts Emergency
Linda Hogg
Linda Newman UCU
Lisa Donovan
lisa fresle
Lisa jahovic
Lisa Risbec
Lívia Páldi
Livvy Murdoch
Liz Crow Roaring Girl Productions
liz helman
Liz Sterland Retired
Lizi Sanchez
Lizzie Homersham
Lizzie Palliser
Lizzy Hones
Loraine Leeson Middlesex University
Lorena Rivero de Beer
Lotte Bennett
Lou Macnamara
Lou Pritchard
Lou Rogers
Louis Henderson
louis neubert
Louise Barnard
Louise Dickinson
Louise Evans
Louise Garrett Central Saint Martins
Louise Mackay
Louise O’Connor
Louise Wheeler
Lucie Rymer
Lucinka Eisler
Lucy Avison
Lucy Cowling Goldsmiths College
Lucy Halstead Bloc Studios
Lucy Lyons Artist
Lucy meredith
LUCY vann
Lucy Williams
Luisa Pèrcopo
Luke Emery
Luke Farren
Luqman Hayes
Lydia Wharf Independent
Lyn Cunningham
Lyn Porter
Lyn thornhill
Lynn Lindley
Lynne Garrick
M Hartley GEL
M Nixon Artist
M. Soukup
M. Wehrhahn
Madeline Norris
Madeline Wright
Maggie Hannan
Maia Hendrickx-Nutley
Maja Agnevik Sentric Music
Malika Sykes
Marc Eady
Marc Garrett Furtherfield
Marcus Taylor
Margareta Kern
Margherita Huntley
Margi Merriman
Margot Przymierska Rich Mix / independent
Maria Abbott
Maria Jardardottir
Maria Saavedra
Marie-Louise von Haselberg
Marilyn Michalowicz Freelance Arts Projects Manager
Marisa Culatto Artist
mark bennett
Mark Briggs
Mark David Lloyd Artist
Mark Gibson
Mark Jay
Mark Lewis
Mark Scott-Wood
Marly Goode
Marsha Levine
Martin LeSanto-Smith
Martin O’Brien Artist and Lecturer (Queen Mary University London)
Martin Simpkins
Martin Sundram Artists’ Union England
Martina Koepcke
mary el-jamal
Mary Fletcher
mary sesaley De Montfort University
Mary Watson
Mat Do Artist
Mat Jenner
Mathew Parkin
Mathis van den Berg
Matias Reed
Matt Hockridge Gentleman
Matt Strachan
Matt welch
Matthew Allen University of Leicester
Matthew Beckford
Matthew Burns
Matthew D Bayfield Purple City Soufflé
Matthew Huxford
Matthew Johnson
matthew mcquillan
Matthew Rogers
Matthew Whitney
Matthias Kispert
Maureen Kincaid Speller
Maurice Carlin
Max Emmerson Royal Exchange Theatre
Max Hayter
Max May
max middleton
Maya Sollen-Norrlin
Meg Rahaim
Megan Kieran
Meghan Smith
Mel kirkham
Melanie Sharpe
Melita Dennett NUJ member
Meredith Peterson
Michael Achtman filmpro
Michael Bardon
Michael Bates
Michael Burton
Michael Duckett
Michael Duffield
Michael Kemp
Michael Potter
Michael Rosen
Michael Tomlinson
Michael Tynemouth
Michael Walling Border Crossings
Michael Warburton The Great Unwashed
Michael Whitby
Michaela Cullen serf studios
Michelle Man
Mick Calvert Unite Community
Miguel Gorodi
Mik Godley Artist
Mike Andrews
Mike Carney
Mike Harrison Trad Arts Team
Mike Layward DASH
Mike Morris
Mike seymour The marketing shop ltd
Mike Veitch Photographic Artist
Mike Watson Art Review, Artforum, John Cabot University
Miki Holloway
Miles Coote
Milo creese
Mindy Goose
Minna Pöllänen Artist
Miriam Gopaul
Miriam Gopaul
Miriam Keye Freelance
Miss F Hornby Ground Up Burnley
Molly Irwin Clark
Morag McGuire Artillery CIC
Morgan Quaintance Independent
Morwenna Lake Morwenna Lake Studio
Mr Logan Darkholme
Mrs S K Garside
Ms J. May Art-educator & Artist
Ms O’Connor
Nacera Guerin
Nadia Nervo Freelance curator, visual artist
Naoise O Fearghail
Naomi eaton-baudains
Naomi Lin
Naomi Ralph
Naomi Salaman
Natalie Klinger
Natalie Loftus
Natalie Marr
Natalie Pinnock-Hamilton BACC – Building African Caribbean Communities
Natalie Richardson Producer
Natalie Wilson
Nathan Jones Mercy
Neave Shackleton
Ned Carter Miles UK Desk Editor for (unnamed) international visual arts magazine, my opinions do not represent those of the magazine
Ned Newitt
Neha Apsara Art is life, life is art. Money is controlling us all.
Neil Bromwich Artist
Neil Chapman
Neil Cocks
Neil Dixon
Neil Haris
Neil Procter
Nelson Fernandez OBE NFA International Arts & Culture
Nev Hawkins
Niall Reynolds
Nicholas Pilkington Musician and Educator
Nicholas Vaughan Freelance Artist
Nick Bartlett
Nick Buchanan
Nick Garnett Freelance writer
Nick Kidd The Lightbox
Nick Peel
Nick smalley
Nick Stewart
Nick Svarc
Nick Thomas
Nicky Bryant
Nicola Golightly
Nicola Hollinshead Equity
Nicola Smith
Nicola Triscott Arts Catalyst
Nigel Clark Songwriter musician
Nikhil Vettukattil artist
Nikki Outside the frame arts
Nina Jackson
Noor Afshan Mirza
Nora Silva
Norma Foulds
Oliver Knight
Oliver Tirre One Thoresby Street
Oliver Walker
Olivia Aherne
Olivia Glasser
Olivia Sparrow
Ollie SET
Ollie George
Pablo Ortega
Pam Bishop Traditional Arts Team
Pam Connolly Retired
Pam Foley Artists Union England
Pam Robinson
Pamela Karantonis
Patricia Alessandrini
Patricia Freeman
Patrick Cichy
Patrick Isbell
Patrick Kealey Theatre Nation
Paul Alan Barker Composer and musician
Paul Balmer HD Media CIC
Paul Becker Newcastle University
Paul Bickmore The Art House
paul bryan student
Paul Collinson
Paul Farmer Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Camborne, Redruth & Hayle
paul hardy
Paul Johnson Rogers
Paul Kincaid
Paul King
Paul Matosic Artist.
Paul Polydorou
Paul Robson
Paul Rogers Cyclops Ape
paul sadot
Paul Tarrago
Paul Vallis
Paul Walsh
Paula Hallam
Penelope Klein
Penny Black
Penny Whitehead UNIT
Peta Lily
Pete Gomes Artist
Pete Hindle
Pete Keal Equity
Peter Allen
Peter Barnard
Peter Barnes Equity member
Peter Cowan
Peter Dunn ART.e @ the art of change
Peter Eason Daniels
Peter Hawkins
Peter Hughes
Peter Hunter
peter kampman
Peter Messer Professional artist
Peter Quartermain
Peter Riley
Phil Ashcroft
Phil Girling
Phil Neal Freelance Sculptor
Phil Searle
Phil Topham
Phil Vellender
philip hayes
Philip joyce
Philip Ralph
Philip Shakeshaft
Philip Sherman
Philip Simmonds Anatolia College Thessaloniki
Phillip Evans
Phoebe Davies
Phoebe Flint
Porl Cooper
Precarious Workers Brigade
Priya Mistry
Professor Christy Adair York St John University
Rab Harling
Rachael Burns
Rachael Clerke
Rachael Owens
Rachel Cattle
Rachel Garmory
Rachel Parry Artist
Rachel Sutton
Rachel Taylor
Rachel Wilson
Raluca Moraru
Ramiro Camelo Independent Curator
Ramon Salgado-Touzon
Ramsay Burt
Raphael Clarkson
Raquel yago boj
Rashida Islam
Rastko Novakovic
Ray Brown
Rebecca Bowler
Rebecca Fox
Rebecca Gadsby
Rebecca Halliwell-Sutton
Rebecca Lee Resident at Primary
Rebecca Sander
Rebecca Senior
Rebecca ward
Rebecca Wing
Rebecca Worth
Rebekah McCabe Township NI
Rebekka Platt
Rembrandt Koppelaar
Rhea Heath
Rhian Desborough
Rhiannon Pickin
Rhys Evans
Richard Ashton
Richard Broomhall
Richard Caves University of Leeds
Richard G. Hilsden
Richard Glynn
Richard Harrison none
Richard Jihnson
Richard Lindley Cafe lento jazz
richard parry
Richard Redfern
Richard Whitby Artist
Ricky Tart Trickyart
Rishi Trikha
Rita Smith Artist
Robert Anderson
Robert Beard Freelance writer and children’s poet
Robert Fitzmaurice
Robert Hampson
Robert jones
Robert Kilburn
Robert Munton
Robert Walker EIS
Robert White Protomuse Music
Robin webb
Robyn Conway
Robyn Hambrook
Robyn Wilson Bazaarely
Rocky van de Benderskum Artist
Roderick Smith Actor/Writer
Roey convery
Roland Bishop
Roland Fischer-Vousden
Roland Scales
Rory weightman Red brick building community arts centre
Rosa Irwin Clark
Rosa Luque
rosalie schweiker
Rosamond Martin N/A
Rosanne Robertson Artist
Rose Dagul
Rose Powell
Rosie Trevill
Ross Bennett Assembly
Ross Dalziel
Ross Forman
Ross H Frew
Ross McCaffrey
Ross Taylor
Rowan Lear
Rowena Comrie
Roy Kettle
RP Brooks
Ruby Yardley frockaholics Anonymous
Rufus Rock
Ruta Dumciute
Ruth Catlow Furtherfield
Ruth E Rollason
Ruth Levene Artist
Ruth Maclellan
Ruth Mee Mees Marvellous Workshops
Ruth Moesby
Ruth Moore
Ruth Wallace
Ruth Warburton
S Freedman
S Hoyle
S Smith
Safiya Williams
Salim Akbar
Sally Bargwanna
Sally Grey
Sally Homer Homer Simpson Productions Ltd
Sam Baker
Sam Meech
Sam Mercer
Sam Parks Actor
Sam Read
Sam Spurgeon
Sam Whyte
Sam Wooster
Samantha mitchell
Samantha Oxford
Samir Bhamra
Samuel Capps
Samuel Hutchinson
Samuel Kinnear
Samuel stamper
Sandra Boreham
Sandra Wyman Artist
Sanpreet Janjua
Sara Clifford
Sara Gaynor
Sara Mai
Sara McDonald
Sarah A
Sarah Batten
Sarah Cooper
Sarah Faraday
sarah filmer
Sarah Forrest
Sarah gaiger
Sarah Gorman Roehampton University
Sarah Green
Sarah Helm
Sarah Holloway Artist
Sarah Hunt
Sarah Jasmon
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Lovett
Sarah McConkey
Sarah Medway
Sarah Parks
Sarah rayment
Sarah Terry
Sarah Todino
Sarah Turner Braindance Theatre
Sarah Winspear
Sarah Wood
Satch Norton Musician and Audio Engineer/Producer
Scott Gray
scott Smith
Sean Elder Wilson
Sean N
Sean Roche
Sean Roy Parker Action Space
Sean Wainwright
Seb M
Semay Wu
Seonaid Matheson
Sepideh Ardalani
Seth Mowshowitz Fold
Shahnaz Ahsan Writer | C+W Agency
Shane Surgey
Shaney Kavanagh
Sharon Lloyd Actor
Shaun Stamp
Shauna Osborne
Sheelagh Colclough
Sheila Graham
Shereen Mouratsing
Sherry Russell
Sïan Astley
Sian Beynon
Sian Rees
Silke Panse
Simon Clear
Simon Desorgher
Simon Dunn
simon peevers
Simon Prag
Simon Rae Retired Lecturer in Professional Development
Simon Webbon
Simona Pesce
Simone Kenyon
Simone Waller
Sinead kempley
Sinead wright
Siobhan Leddy
slaven gabric
Soo Bishop Merton Music Foundation
Sophie Chapman Create
Sophie Cullinan
Sophie Hayter
Sophie Houston
Sophie Jung
Sophie knapper
Sophie Mackfall Artist
Sophie Mackfall Artist
Sophie Mallett
Stefan Szczelkun
Stephan Silver
Stephen Bramwell
Stephen Burrows
Stephen Butler Artist
stephen Hiscock
Stephen Marchant
Stephen McCluskie
Stephen Moseley
Stephen Park Artist
Stephen Pritchard
Stephen Thompson Mobile Community Library
stephen wischhusen Electd Member (Independent) Lewes Town and District Councils
Steve Ball
Steve Dales AUE
Steve Ellis
steve hines
Steve Hunt
Steve Rogers OMTC
Steve Rouse Monday Night Group
Steve Smith Artist
Steve Taylor
Steve Townsend-Gee
Steven Horsfall
Steven Pryce
Stewart McKellar
Stuart Fraser
Stuart Lydon
Stuart Nolan Artist
Stuart Watson
Subika Anwar
Sue du Feu Equity member
Sue MacLennan
Sue Palmer Artist
Sukanya Deb
Susan Ashley
Susan Diab Artist
Susan Martin
Susan Murray
Susan Young
Susanne Adebayo
Susie Green
Susie Novis none
Suzanne Green
Suzy Dunford Gent
Sybren Renema
T Donovan
T Gursoy
T. E. Davies mountbermotimbo.org.uk
Taliesin Lewis
Tamara Micner Theatre-maker
Tamizan Savill
Tamsin Larby
Tania Dolvers
Tania Robertson
Tania Spain
Tanica powell
Teal griffin
Teresa Neal
Tereza Cervenova
Terry Anderson Cartoonists Rights Network International
Terry Greene
Terry Holmes
Terry Hyde Counselling for Dancers
Terry O’Donovan
Terry stine
Tess King
Theo Carnegy-Tan
Theo Gilmour-Rees
Theo Lester
Theresa Easton Artists Union England
Theresa Poulton
Thomas Bland Gorse Hill Studios
Thomas Kampe
Thomas King
Thomas Simpkins
Tilly Lunken
Tim Appelbee
Tim Bamber
Tim bazell
Tim Frances
Tim McClellan
Tim Norwood
Tim Shaw Artist and Lecturer in Digital Media at Culture Lab, Newcastle University
Tim Watson
Timothy Jones
Timothy Roberts
Tina Ellen Lee Opera Circus
Tina Fung
Tina Hyde
Tina Rowe
Tina Russell-Cruise
Tobias Pearson
Toby Ealden
Tom Barlow Brown
Tom chamberlain Nottingham Contemporary
Tom Coughlan
Tom Dussek Tom Dussek Ltd
Tom Eastland
Tom Frere
Tom Holland
Tom Pickard
Tom Ponsonby
Tom prater
Tom Richards
Tom Richardson UCU- retired
Tom Schofield Newcastle University
Tom Smith
Tom Weil
Tommy Pullen British Intervention
Tonia Kazakopoulou
Tony Mines
Tony seddon
Tracey Myers
Tracey Nichols
Tracey west Braena CIC
Traci Kelly
Trevor Learoyd NSSC
Trevor Stringer Big Skill cic
Trevor Webster
Trygve Hjelle Do
Tulani Hlalo
Ulijona Odisarija
Uriel Orlow
Valerie glass
Verity-Jane Keefe Artist
Veronica O’Donoghue
Veronica pagano
Veronica Steffen
Veronica Stephens
Vic T-G
Vicki Ctowther
Vicki Hawkins BLINK Dance Theatre
Victoria Bissett
Vince Laws Independent artist
Virginia Farman
Vivian Barraclough Visual artist
Vivienne Eades
volkan kiziltug
Walter Cundy
Wayne Walker-Allen
Wendy Charlton
Wendy Gabriel
Wendy Haines
Wendy Porritt
Wes Foster
Will Alder
Will Downie
Will Jenkinson
Will Jennings
Will Livermore
Will Reid
Will Tattersdill University of Birmingham
Willi Kerr
William Alderwick
Wim Van Mierlo
Wozzy Brewster, OBE FRSA The Midi Music Company
Wren Miller
Xavier de Sousa Independent Artist and Producer
Xenia Capacete Curator
Yael Roberts
Yas Clarke
Yue He
Yuki Shirota
Yvonne Jones
Yvonne Tennant
Zack Polanski
Zahi Negyal
Zahid Hussain Manchester Muslim Writers
Zanete Uskanr
Zara Plessard
Zhuo Wang Creative Practitioner & Artist
Zoe Anspach
Zoe C
Zoe Dimoldenberg
Zulfqar Ali