Creative Entreprise Zones and AUE

Today saw the New Statesman publish an article detailing Sadiq Khan’s £11 million initiative to boost our creative industries, part of which includes the implementation of  six ‘Creative Entreprise Zones’  in London to protect creative jobs and workspaces. Augusta Riddy, the writer of the piece reached out to Artists Union England for our reaction to this announcement.

Our Joint National Chair, Zita Holbourne welcomed the initiative, but said that more needed to be done.
“The impact of austerity and cuts has been devastating to arts and culture. Many artists experience inadequate, sub-standard studio spaces [and are] forced to take second or third jobs in order to survive.”
Zita did not fail to mention that this lack of investment has had adverse effects on
young, female and BME artists, and has meant professionals can no longer afford to work with schools and communities. Read the full article here.