Come on Arts Council England!

Update February 2017

NPO’s (National Portfolio Organisations) and projects funded through Arts Council England have been provided with information about  Artists’ Union England.  If you are not being properly paid by an NPO, contact in full confidence.

In ACE’s guidelines for paying artists, AUE is cited alongside MU, Equity & BECTU etc.  AUE works closely with these trade unions and is affiliated to the TUC & GfTU.

Further details can be found HERE.

The dialogue continues!

Update December 2014

We have now responded to Arts Council England’s letter below – and you can read our response here AUE Letter to ACE 22nd Dec14. In it we outline our belief in the need for an independent, democratic and accountable trade union for visual and applied artists.

Update 22nd October 2014
Following this post below, and some twitter activity from members in response, Artists’ Union England received this Response from ACE 16thOct14 in response from Arts Council England. This will be discussed at the Artists’ Union England AGM on the 1st of November 2014, and following this the Executive Committee will be in touch with Arts Council England to continue the dialogue.

10th October 2014:
At the collective decision making meeting on the 19th of July, members agreed that Artists’ Union England would formally approach Arts Council England and ask for recognition of AUE. Accordingly, following the listing of Artists’ Union England on the schedule of trade unions with the Certification Office (which happened in August 2014), we approached Arts Council England with the attached letter Letter to ACE 5thSept14 sent to Peter Heslip, Head of Visual Arts, and Alan Davey, Chief Executive, on the 5th September 2014. In the letter we formally requested Arts Council England recognise Artists’ Union England, for example, on the ACE website and in the supporting information for Grants for the Arts.

To date (10th October 2014) we have not received a response or even acknowledgement of receipt.

Artists’ Union England believes in the importance of an Arts Council that actively engages with artists. We formed in the belief that artists (just like musicians and actors) need a trade union, in order to have collective representation in the workplace. Happily ACE regularly meets with trade unions representing other art forms. Now Artists’ Union England have formed, we want to make sure that visual and applied artists are also independently represented in these discussions. Whilst remaining financially independent, Artists’ Union England wants to work with Arts Council England in order to support the delivery of it’s ten year strategic framework.

“At the heart of our arts and cultural sector is the workforce: the artists and curators, librarians and technicians, producers and administrators and educators and archivists. It will be
a priority over the next decade to support these people…”

p.33 ‘Great Art and Culture for Everyone’ Arts Council England 10 year Strategic Framework 2010-2020, 2nd edition.

Come on Arts Council England – what are you waiting for? Recognise Artists’ Union England, the first trade union for visual and applied artists in over 30 years!