AUE Statement on Education

Updated: Jul 13, 2023


  • Artists’ Union England believes Art Education in society should be fully funded and with free access for all.
  • The role of Art Education in society should be positively promoted.
  • Art and culture should be seen as a essential part of the core curriculum in schools.
  • Commitment from government to ensure access, availability and adequate funding for further and higher education art courses is critical to ensuring equal access for all.
  • Student fees should be abolished and free access to further and higher education courses be implemented.
  • AUE rejects the current corporate vision being implemented for the arts in education by government and institutions and rejects privatisation of educational services and facilities.
  • AUE will continue to lobby government from all parties in order to ensure fair and equal access to education for all.

June 9th 2015


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Ref: Warwick Commission: February 2015 (“Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and Growth”). Regarding young people from disadvantaged backgrounds going into the creative industries


Ref: NESTA report on policy recommendations to government.



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