AGM 1st November 2014

Artists’ Union England’s first AGM will be held at the Fine Art Lecture Theatre at Newcastle University on the 1st of November, exactly 6 months on from our launch on the 1st of May 2014. All members are encouraged to attend, and need to book tickets through our Eventbrite here.

Agenda and Keynote
The full agenda and timings of the day can be downloaded from here AUE AGM Agenda Nov 1st 2014 final. As part of the agenda we are honoured to have Iraqi-born, Newcastle-based artist Dr Emily Porter give a keynote about the artists’ trade union that she co-founded in Baghdad in 1972. Dr Porter says, “At that time we had a very small window of freedom, so through that small window we had an opportunity to challenge the power of Sadam Hussein’s regime.” Dr. Porter is also one of the trustees of Artists’ Union England.

Executive Committee Nominations
We received 9 nominations for the Executive. The full list of names are:
> Adam Walker (London)
> Angela Kennedy (Newcastle)
> Chris Cudlip (Southampton)
> Hayley Hare (London)
> Katriona Beales (London)
> Rachel Parry (Nottingham)
> Theresa Easton (Newcastle)
> Vanessa Maurice-Williams (Brighton & Hove)
> Victoria Johnson (Manchester)
Please find here more information on each artist nominated for the Executive Committee here final summary of Exec Nominations 2014 AGM.

As the nominations received are below the maximum of the Executive Committee (10 members), after an opportunity for questions at the AGM, we will have a show of hands of those present agreeing the new Executive in it’s entirety. We are pleased with the geographical spread of artists represented, but have the option of co-opting an additional two members to fill gaps such as the East of England and the South West region.

The attached document lists all the motions put to the AGM by members Summary Motions AGM 2014. These will be debated and voted on at the AGM.

Please note: Only paid-up members’ can participate in the AGM, however, any interested parties who aren’t members can attend as observers – please email
If you joined before the 1st of August and haven’t paid your members dues yet, you can do so here.