A message from AUE Co-chairs and the Treasurer

A message from AUE Co-chairs and the Treasurer about the rise in subscription rates

Several members have contacted us about this. We wanted to let you know that this rise was agreed to by the Executive Committee, but it wasn’t an easy decision. Primarily it is about our sustainability as a trade union. We made the decision with the knowledge that for some a rise of £7 for the annual fee may be difficult because the new £42/annum rate needs to paid all at once. In other words, it cannot be paid in instalments. The EC has discussed this option with our part-time administrator on a number of occasions and at present, the setting up and maintenance of a variety of methods to pay (ie: all at once, over several months, by direct debit, etc.) would, unfortunately, be too costly in both time and money for the trade union. As you will know, EC members volunteer their time to perform their duties on behalf of you and other members. We reluctantly decided that we needed to stay with our present system until we are able to afford a different method. The odd figure of a £7 increase was agreed upon because it is the maximum amount of rise that Paypal will allow before we would incur additional charges.

Unless you have recently joined and therefore have already paid the £42 subscription rate, you will have received notice that your subs will rise by the £7 mentioned, to £42 a year on the anniversary date of your joining AUE. Hopefully, this forewarning will provide members with time to save up for the subscription, so that on your anniversary date you will have the funds. Our subs are extremely good value when looking at other trade unions – albeit we can’t offer as much yet; weekly it works out at a cost of around 81p a week or, £3.50 a month.

We want to develop a trade union which is sustainable for artists, therefore our ambition is to grow and continue to organise over issues of fair pay and working conditions for visual artists in England. To this end we have two major goals over the next couple of years:
to increase our membership to 1000 by September 2019
to hire a part-time national organiser to help us achieve this

As we approach the holiday season, perhaps you are in a position to make a donation that would help us? Click here to be taken to our Donations page.

Thank you.
Angela Kennedy and Martin Sundram, AUE Co-Chairs, Pam Foley Treasurer