AUE Rates of Pay document Endorsed by members

Launched 9th June 2015 – the first policy document of Artists’ Union England.

Download the Rates of Pay Document HERE

Thank you to all members who took time to complete the survey that helped us finalise our document. The feedback provided the opportunity for everyone to have the chance to have their say and make a democratic decision.

AUE member & Chair, Theresa Easton, has been using the RofP document to support other members applying for advertised commissions and opportunities that do not always breakdown budgets and define what the artist is paid.

“The RofP document is just the first step.  We’ve got something solid to build on that has been devised by artists for artists.  Commissioners, organisations, arts bodies and artists can see quite clearly what artists expect to be paid.  We can start competing on the quality of our work instead of how cheap we can do a job”

Fellow Executive member Angela Kennedy stated

“I will use the Rates of Pay doc to show how artists haven’t had a proper pay rise for around 15-20 years,  that raising the daily rate to £260 is in line with our sister trade union’s new rates of pay in Scotland and comparative to other cultural professionals.  It will also help guide artists to state clearly what their labour is worth and by doing so artists will not undermine their professional colleagues and will raise the bar for professional artists when discussing a fair and reasonable rate for our work.”

Executive member Richard Whitby points out

“I use these rates in order to work out how much to budget paying artists working with me in funded projects. In terms of my own billing to galleries and other employers, these rates are an indispensable tool – artists need to have the confidence to charge properly for their time and these ratified union rates are a big help.”

Download the Rates of Pay Document HERE

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