“Artists’ Union England is a way to name our community and counter its supposed tacit disparities, competitiveness – its presumed individualistic imperatives. To unionise is vital – now more than ever, when division proliferates with a speed and rapaciousness that can seem to utterly retard resistance. The way we can survive – the way we can all thrive – is together
– Ed Atkins, artist and AUE member

Artists’ Union England is a new trade union for professional visual, and applied artists and artists with a socially engaged practice. Unlike other cultural professionals, artists have had no collective voice in the form of a trade union, to represent them at work and to lobby and advocate on their behalf.

Rates of Pay

As an independent trade union, we aim to represent artists at strategic decision-making levels and positively influence the degree to which practice is valued and the roles artists play within society. For example, view our democratically agreed ‘Rates of Pay’ document here. 

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